Denicool - 12gr - Filter Crystals

Denicool - 12gr - Filter Crystals
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Denicool. Put some crystals into the bottom of the pipe bowl, then fill the bowl with tobacco as usual. After enjoying the smoke empty the pipe together with the crystals. Denicool will have changed its color to dark brown because it is saturated with condensate. This proves its high efficiency as an absorbant. Denicool filter crystals ensure a cool, mild and dry smoke. They reduce tar and nicotine and absorb additional humidity while keeping the flavor of the tobacco.

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Must use
Verified Buyer
A very good product to use with a pipe that uses no filter as mine do keeps smoke dry and cool would buy again
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Removes Excess Moisture
Kimberly Thompson
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I purchased denicool to use in one of my pipes that cannot take a 6mm or 9mm filter. They silica definitely removes excess moisture that may create tongue bite. However, it doesn't seem to me that the silica removed any of the tar or nicotine. This might be great for some and not so great for others.
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