Denicotea 6mm Slim Filters - 10pc

Denicotea 6mm Slim Filters - 10pc
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Denicotea 6mm Slim Filters - 10 pc. Silica gel with its highly porous structure reduces tar and nicotine from tobacco smoke to a high extent. By changing color from clear white to dark brown the effect is clearly shown, and it indicates when the filter has to be changed. Only the original denicotea filter has the red cap! Denicotea filters intended for use in denicotea holders, not for use in tobacco pipes. 

Product Reviews

Draw Is A Bit Restricted
Carl McGinnis
Verified Buyer
The very small orifice in the entry port restricts the draw,but they fit well into my 6mm filter pipes.Moisture and tar absorption is functional,but would be better with more flow.The 9mm filters draw much better.I will continue to use what I have until my order is expended,but may not order more
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