Denicotea 6mm Slim Filters - 10pc
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  • THE BEST FILTER FOR THE BEST HOLDER - Denicotea has a long and storied history of making the finest quality smoking accessories. Our slim crystal filters are specifically designed to fit snuggly into our smaller Nice cigarette holders.
  • PROVIDES A CLEANER SMOKING EXPERIENCE - Not only do our cigarette holders provide a cleaner smoking experience, but our filters do too! Just pop one into your holder and experience the difference that our filters make.
  • REDUCES TAR AND CARCINOGENS - Denicotea filters are designed to fit perfectly into your Denicotea cigarette holder. A perfect fit means that no smoke bypasses the filter. This traps more tar and carcinogens than other devices on the market.
  • CHANGE YOUR FILTER REGULARLY - Denicotea filters are designed to last for 10 to 15 cigarettes. Make sure that you change your filter regularly to get the best smoking experience possible
  • EXPERIENCE THE DENICOTEA DIFFERENCE - Denicotea has a long and storied history of making the finest quality smoking accessories. Designed with German engineering, you can ensure the best smoking experience possible when you select Denicotea

Denicotea is a German manufacturer who produces items for pipe and cigarette smokers. These Slim crystal filters are suitable for Denicotea Nice cigarette holders. Denicotea filters will minimize the nicotine and tars, while abosrbing the excess moisture created during smoking. Denicotea Slim Crystal Filters contain silica gel. With its highly porous structure, it considerably reduces harmful effects.The Denicotea Slim Filter is made especially for Denicotea Nice cigarette holders and provides a snug fit every time. This prevents the flow of smoke around the filter, trapping tar and other byproducts in a more effective way, while still allowing full flavor enjoyment without compromise. When the color of the filter changes, from clear white to dark it indicates that the filter has to be changed. Denicotea cigarette holder filters are intended for use in Denicotea holders only. Only the original Denicotea filter has the red cap! Get yourself a Denicotea accessory to improve your smoking experience and make it a little more healthy!

Does it absoard even thc and cbd couldnt find anywhere. Thanks for answer.
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6mm cigarette holder filter
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Very happy
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Draw Is A Bit Restricted
Carl McGinnis
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The very small orifice in the entry port restricts the draw,but they fit well into my 6mm filter pipes.Moisture and tar absorption is functional,but would be better with more flow.The 9mm filters draw much better.I will continue to use what I have until my order is expended,but may not order more
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