Denicotea Crystal Filters - 10pc

Denicotea Crystal Filters - 10pc
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Denicotea 10 piece crystal filters includes ten replacement filters for your Denicotea cigarette holder. These filters use a silica gel that has a highly porous structure which reduces tar and nicotine from tobacco smoke. The used filters will change color from clear white to dark brown illustrating the effect of the tar and nicotine reduction, and also indicates that the filter has to be changed. Only the original Denicotea filter has the red cap!

Product Reviews

My best Filters
Theodore Langley
I been using these filters for awhile and as long as I continue to smoke I will use them they are really great.
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Best Filters
Verified Buyer
I've used all of them and these are by far the most effective.
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My review
Verified Buyer
I really like how the filters cut down on the bad stuff like tar and nicotine and how you don't have that smokey smell on your hand I recommend this product to anyone that smokes great filters.
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Anne Checkosky
Verified Buyer
Love this product, however, you sent me tbe 50 pack instead of the 10 pack. I emailed you about the mistake last week. Please contact me to sort this out. Thanks.
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