Standard Black Long Cigarette Holder

Standard Black Long Cigarette Holder
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Standard Cigarette Holder - Total length of cigarette holder is 89mm. This holder has no ejector. The cigarette has to be removed manually after smoking. This cigarette holder can be filled with a regular filter or a king size "L" filter. Only the original denicotea filter guarantees a tight fit so that no smoke can bypass the filter. The cigarette holder comes with one pre-loaded filter in the holder.

Product Reviews

Great Smoking Experience
Verified Buyer
Nicely designed and subtle. The filters are awesome and the holder and filters provide a smooth smoking experience when I am smoking at home.
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Denicotea holders and filters
Martin McDowell
Verified Buyer
Do denicotea holders and filters work ? And are they worth it ? YES , as an older smoker I can say they help to reduce tar and unwanted residue from ever entering your respiratory system , get one and use it for 30 days , then rinse ( clean ) it with alcohol , you will see all the crap that didn’t get into your system , I don’t kid myself smoking is a dangerous habit but then my generation , this will help put you on the path to a smoke free , life if you desire ,, Thank you
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