Original Series - Standard Black Long Cigarette Holder

Original Series - Standard Black Long Cigarette Holder
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Denicotea Standard Black Long Holder 20240 - Holder length is 88mm.
This a regular holder and the stub has to be removed manually after smoking. This Denicotea holder can be used with a Regular Filter or Long Filter
Denicotea holder design ensures that the taste is unchanged and the use is comfortable. Holder can only be used with Denicotea filters. Only original Denicotea filter guarantees a tight fit so that no smoke can bypass the filter.

Product Reviews

Standard Black Long Cigarette Holder
Verified Buyer
Perfect for use as a personal mouthpiece for a communal smoking vessel in a social setting. Regular cigarette sized dugout smoking bats will fit in the end. Removal and use without the filter is an option as well.
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Denicotea Cigarette Filters
Bruce Hageman
Verified Buyer
I have been using Denicotea filters for over 15 years now and have been smoking for over 25 years. When I was not using the filter, my fingers and hand would smell so badly of smoke that friends and lovers would complain. Not so now! As I now use the filters, I can visually see the trapped tar that would have been in my lungs had I not used the Denicotea holders. Ergo. if you have to smoke, smell better and feel better by using the Denicotea holders, and DO IT with style!
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Standard Black Cigarette Holder
Verified Buyer
Glad I could order the Denicota cigarette holders. Have been using them for years. Thank you!
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Great Smoking Experience
Verified Buyer
Nicely designed and subtle. The filters are awesome and the holder and filters provide a smooth smoking experience when I am smoking at home.
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Denicotea holders and filters
Martin McDowell
Verified Buyer
Do denicotea holders and filters work ? And are they worth it ? YES , as an older smoker I can say they help to reduce tar and unwanted residue from ever entering your respiratory system , get one and use it for 30 days , then rinse ( clean ) it with alcohol , you will see all the crap that didn’t get into your system , I don’t kid myself smoking is a dangerous habit but then my generation , this will help put you on the path to a smoke free , life if you desire ,, Thank you
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