filters for cigarette holdersCigarette smoke is a combination of fine particles and steam or moisture, containing "tar," condensate, nicotine and many other organic substances, all combining to give the smoker the taste of the cigarette. To reduce the amount of potentially harmful substances without changing the taste or aroma of the cigarette is a very difficult problem but, has been achieved with Denicotea's patented silica gel filters for cigarette holders.

Denicotea filters are made in Germany and are constructed from silica gel crystals, which in our opinion, retain their filtration properties longer, extending the life of the filter for cigarette holders longer than other brands, giving a slightly drier draw and at the same time, making them more cost effective. The silica gel used in our filters for cigarette holders has a highly porous structure, which reduces tar and nicotine from tobacco smoke. Its effectiveness can be seen as the color of our filters for cigarette holders changes from white to dark brown and gives a clear indication of when the filter should be changed.

The structure of the clear filter for cigarette cartridge with the red Denicotea cap and the initial clear white silica gel filling material make it easy to see when the Denicotea filter for cigarette holders has absorbed its' capacity and should be changed. The nicotine, condensate and other materials absorbed by the cigarette filter will turn the silica gel crystals dark brown as these are successfully be filtered out of the passing smoke.

Denicotea filters for cigarette holdersThe silica gel used in Denicotea filters for cigarette holders is pure silicon oxide. This guarantees a tasteless effect as the smoke passes over the crystals. Silica oxide is known for its highly porous structure and high surface area. The typical filling of a Denicotea filter for cigarette holder contains approximately 1 gram of silica gel, giving a total surface area od about 300 square meters! As smoke is drawn into the holder, the smoke is accelerated over the gel, causing the fine particles to collide with the silica gel and on impact, are absorbed. The Denicotea filter for cigarette holders is technically engineered to fit perfectly into all Denicotea cigarette holders and pipe systems, preventing any smoke particles from being drawn around the filter.

The filtration system used in the majority of filter-tipped cigarettes are made from cellulose acetate, which is shaped and cut to length. Before this universal adoption of cellulose acetate, manufacturers tried numerous materials, including crepe paper, charcoal granules, and even asbestos! In our opinion, none of these materials can offer the absorbency of silica gel, nor the ability to retain the flavor and pleasure of the smoke that the Denicotea filter for cigarette holders is able to provide.

The Denicotea filters for cigarette holders help in absorbing tar, nicotine, gases and other hazardous material emitted from cigarettes. In addition, from our experience, our filters for cigarette holders reduce the amount of acid in the stomach and intestine that can be experienced by a smoker.

Denicotea Filters for Cigarette Holders