Marine Series - Red Cigarette Holder
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  • ADD SOME COLOR TO YOUR LIFE - The Denicotea Marine Series cigarette holder is designed for those who like to stand out! With fun, bright colors and just enough sparkle, you can add some flair and pop to your enjoyment of smoking!
  • AVOID STAINED FINGERS, LIPS AND SKIN - With the Denicotea Marine cigarette holder you can enjoy smoking and worry less about stained fingers, lips, facial hair, and teeth! This holder is great for making sure that your fingers do not get stained.
  • THE PERFECT LENGTH - The Denicotea Marine Cigarette Holder is the perfect design. It is ergonomic design means it fits comfortably in your hand, and at 78mm it is also the perfect length! It is designed to work with all standard size cigarettes. It will not work with slim cigarettes.
  • WORKS WITH DENICOTEA REGULAR FILTERS - For those who like to add a filter to their cigarette holder, the Denicotea Marine cigarette holder is perfect for you! Not only does it add sophistication, but it also allows you to filter your smoke more than a standard filter. The Marine Series works with regular Denicotea filters. Our filters are designed to fit perfectly and ensure that no smoke bypasses the filter.
  • BUILT WITH GERMAN ENGINEERING - All Denicotea products are designed and manufactured in Germany using the highest quality materials. This will help to ensure the highest quality smoking experience possible, along with the most desired look with styles and sizes to suit all lifestyles.

Denicotea Marine Cigarette Holder has a length of 78mm or slightly over 3 inches. This is a regular cigarette holder and the butt has to be removed manually after smoking. This cigarette holder will not automatically eject the filter like some of our other models. Just unscrew this device to reveal the cleverly integrated tube of crystals which filters out tar and nicotine from the tobacco smoke as you inhale. This adds an extra layer of filtering of your cigarette smoking without impacting flavor. This holder is suitable for normal size cigarettes only, this holder is not for slim cigarettes. It is recommended that you change the filter as required usually between 10-15 cigarettes. This Denicotea Marine cigarette holder can be used with a regular Denicotea filter for the best possible experience. The Marine Denicotea holder design ensures that the taste is unchanged and the use is comfortable. Our cigarette holders can only be used with Denicotea filters because only the original Denicotea filter guarantees a tight fit so that no smoke can bypass the filter.

Excellent holder
David Lynch
Verified Buyer
Just exactly the one I wanted! Came with filters too!
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Fun Smoke
Verified Buyer
Great design and fun color for a party weekend. Easy to pack n purse and pocket and good for travel. The holder and filters provide a smooth, pleasant smoking experience - the color makes it fun too.
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Great product have been using for a long time....
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