Ejector-Brown Cigarette Holder

Ejector-Brown Cigarette Holder
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Denicotea Brown Ejector Holder 20245 - Holder length is 87mm.
Denicotea ejector holders have an ejector mechanism with which the stub can be removed from the holder cup by pulling the cup back. This Denicotea holder can be used with a regular filter
Denicotea holder design ensures that the taste is unchanged and the use is comfortable. Holder can only be used with Denicotea filters. Only original Denicotea filter guarantees a tight fit so that no smoke can bypass the filter.

Product Reviews

ejector great.
Ski Z.
Verified Buyer
An ejector is a great idea. Only thing is there's too much air coming through sneaking around the end of the metal barrel. It's like smoking a cigarette that has holes in the filter....not that's a bad thing. Needs some kind of seal.
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