Ejector-Silver Cigarette Holder

Ejector-Silver Cigarette Holder
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Product Details

Cigarette Holder with ejector - Total length cigarette holder 100mm. All denicotea holders named "ejector" have an ejector mechanism with which the cigarette butt can be removed from the holder cup by pulling the cup back. This cigarette holder can be filled with a regular filter or a Kingsize filter. 
  • The Long Ejector-Silver 1 pack comes with 10 regular filters. 
  • Bulk 3-pack does not come with additional filters.

Product Reviews

Long, ejector, cigarette holder
Kiri Franken
Verified Buyer
The long is a perfect length for me. I love the ejector function. I roll my own cigarettes by hand(no filter on cigarette) and I hated having to dig the butt out of my old holder. The ejector function easily pops the butt out, one handed. No poker necessary. I hope the thin plastic part of the ejector doesn't break soon. I've bought many of these holders and that plastic seemed to break pretty quickly on all of them. Although I may have been too rough when I cleaned them.
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