Ejector-Black Pattern-Saddle Cigarette Holder

Ejector-Black Pattern-Saddle Cigarette Holder
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Ejector-Black Pattern-Saddle Cigarette Holder - Total length cigarette holder 78mm. are available with or without ejector. All holders that push out the cigarette butt are called "Ejector". Short holders can only be used with regular filters. Only the original denicotea filter guarantees a tight fit so that no smoke can bypass the filter. The cigarette holder comes with 10 regular filters.

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Short cigarette holxer
I have used these for yrs and there have been a few times I ordered from another company and regretted it so I will stick to this brand and company. Also was delivered faster than I was expecting. Thank you
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Does the trick!
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Was not aware this was available the last time I ordered from this company. Very happy with this purchase and would buy again.
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